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Family Tree Clipart #1115564 by Johnny Sajem | Royalty-Free (RF) Stock ...I’ve become aware of a growing interest … concern … nagging sense of responsibility to preserve the memory of my family, what little I know of it.  As a writer, I know the importance of story to put color in the leaves and to put bark on the limbs of the family tree.  But how to marry genealogy and art?  I stumbled onto the 100-word story and found my answer.  The forced brevity disciplines the mind, distills diffuse elements of memory into the essence of why it has remained while other experiences faded with time.  In its slender vial one can capture the ethereal relationship between person-person, past-present for micro-examination … or imbibe its contents as a dose of recognition and antidote for the present experience: tetherless, rootless, windblown, discarded, forgotten before being known.

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