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GavelWhat makes me think I have the right to judge others?

Because I’m the Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of Whyte Dove Press, that’s why.

Whyte Dove Press is having its First Annual World-wide Web Writers’ Contest.



This contest is open to anyone on the planet except me and the Associate Editor of Whyte Dove Press. Entries must be in English, but it doesn’t matter if English is your first, second, or humpteenth (a SE TX expression meaning a very large ordinal number) language.

Categories are Non-Fiction, Fiction, Poetry, Youth (ages 13-19 only), and Children (ages 12 and under).

There’s no limit to the number of entries you can submit, and since there is no entry fee, what have you got to lose? The only stipulation is that we have the right to publish winning pieces and the option to publish non-winning pieces on our web site for a limited period of time. That’s it.

For details, click on this link: CONTEST.

Best wishes!

Gavel Girl

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