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mother and daughter My story collection is finally taking shape. My mini-story, “Heirlooms”, and two short stories, “Violets are Purple” and “Blurdays” are on the Whyte Clouds page of the Whyte Dove Press web site (See My Publisher link in sidebar). And … deep breath … the prologue to my novel in the works is there, too. If any of you are novel readers and want to glimpse a dual novel in progress, I plan to let my publisher post excerpts periodically. I’d love hearing what you think.

Some mothers and daughters have such a tenuous, fragile, fractured relationship while others are closer than twin sisters. There’s hardly any in-between mother-daughter relationships. The stories in my Mothers and Daughters collection is fraught with the ambiguity and undercurrent of emotion so often found in the relationship–or at least, I hope my stories convey these things to readers.

Is the ending to “Violets are Purple” too abrupt?


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