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Hey, Give It a Try!

A few weeks ago I responded to a writing gig posted on Craig’s list.  Last week, I got a reply.  It seems I’d been picked as one of an elite few the company invited to submit a sample blog entry about the topic of Human Resources Recruiting.  What I know about that subject might fill a teaspoon with an 1/8 tsp left over.  I almost blew it off, thinking: “It’ll take you too long to figure out what to say and then too long to write it, it’s probably a scam anyway just to get free blogging, surely you don’t expect to be paid for this, and you probably don’t want the gig anyway because who are you kidding you know nothing about HRR.”

But something in me wanted to have a go at it, to pick up the proferred gauntlet, take up the challenge.  I surfed the web and found some info on recruting employees that sparked an idea on the subject.  I fanned the spark with a few memories of my own job-hunting experiences: getting laid off, getting hired, wishing applications had room for essays explaining the erratic ins and outs of my work experiences.  I actually had fun writing something totally out of my usual zone.  When I e-mailed it to the company, I wasn’t concerned about whether or not I got the gig, just glad I’d given it my best shot.

This week, I got another e-mail.  They found my sample blog entry “interesting” and wished to publish it.  On the other hand, they had decided not to hire a writer to produce weekly blog entries.  So I didn’t get the gig, but they liked my submission.  And they’re going to pay for it!  Cool. 

Because I let myself write outside the lines of my historical article / technical how-to / fiction addiction box, I had fun affirming my professionalism and versatility as a writer, renewed my hope that not every writing gig is a scam, and I made some money.

That reminds me … have you entered the Whyte Dove Press writing contest yet?  No entry fee.  Cash prizes.  What have you got to lose?


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